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          Sales concept

              Customer service, caring for employees, shareholders return, contributing to society

              Customer is always the focus of our attention. Continued to provide customers with quality products and quality service, is our eternal quality.

              People-oriented is our basic development strategy, we will actively create conditions for the staff to create a platform to show the value of life, providing excellent material returns.

              Creating profit is a necessary condition for our sustainable development. We will be a good return on investment, firm confidence in the investment of shareholders.

              We will be integrity management, law-abiding operators, and actively participate in helping the poor, donations and other charitable activities for the community to make whatever contribution.


          Spirit: learning, collaboration, competition, innovation 

              Learning is everyone's top priority. We will build a learning-oriented enterprises, technology, management and service philosophy has always been at the forefront of the times. In this case,

              Collaboration is an essential condition for the operation of enterprises.

              We are committed to continually improving the process, developing the spirit of collaboration, and building a team that can not be relinquished.

              Competition is always inexhaustible motive force of the enterprise.

              We will continue to improve the internal competition mechanism, and actively participate in market competition, change the pressure as the driving force to promote the continuous development of the company.

              Innovation Is the Main Way to Foster Core Competence. We will continue through the technological innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation, the achievements of a century Foundation.


          Cultural positioning: humanities, harmony, truth-seeking 

              Humanities: the formation of respect for the talent of the fashion, to create an atmosphere of caring staff, full of glory of humanity.

              Harmony: to internal harmony, and social harmony, harmony with nature. In this case,

              Seek truth: follow the objective law, things down to earth.


          Style: rigorous, pragmatic, civilized and efficient

              Rigorous: strict, both strict meaning, but also has strict meaning; like, is prudent.

              Our work should be high standards and strict requirements, but also consider carefully, to minimize loopholes.

              Pragmatic: that is, all work should proceed from reality, all work should be down to earth, all work should pay attention to the actual results, to tell the truth, do practical things to solve practical problems.

              Civilization: refers to our work attitude, methods of work to comply with professional norms, legal norms and ethics, such as compliance with the law, abide by the rules and regulations, respect for others, respect for the beliefs of others, .

              Efficient: The essence of efficiency is rapid response, that is, quickly put our plans and measures to implement it as soon as possible to achieve the desired goal.

          Online Service




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