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          Internal wall paint construction method

          Problem description:Internal wall paint construction method

          Construction method of interior water paint

          Wall paint brushing is a very important part of home decoration, wall construction is the final step.

          Project environmental requirements

          Temperature Different types of paint on the construction temperature have different requirements, should be controlled according to the temperature in the product description. Generally should be between 10 ~ 35 ℃, the minimum temperature of not less than 5 ℃; winter indoor paint construction, insulation measures should be taken to heat

          Selection of Brushing Method for Interior Water

          The commonly used method of brushing the wall there are three: brush, roller, spray. Decoration, in the measurement of the advantages and disadvantages of various brushing methods, according to their preferences to choose the most appropriate brushing method.

          Step Application Advantages Disadvantages

          Brush the most primitive and very common Simple, provincial paint, suitable for a variety of shapes and varieties of paint low efficiency, not suitable for quick-drying paint. If the operation is not skilled, the paint film will produce brush marks, sagging, brushing unequal phenomenon

          Roller coating applied to a large area of construction efficiency is higher, save paint, repair color difference slightly less decorative performance, roll coating is prone to uneven roller marks

          Spray for high-brightness paint brushing fast, smooth and delicate, the corner and the gap can be a good painting spray compared to the cost of paint, and if there is a bump, repair the color difference is more obvious than the roller coating.

          How to level the interior water paint

          Wall leveling also affects the entire wall brushing the final effect. Whether it is new or old, the wall is certainly impossible to completely flat, yin and yang angle can not be completely vertical. So the uneven use of the wall to plaster the plaster leveling, making the wall of the error does not exceed 3 mm. If the yin and yang angle is not straight, but also need to paint plaster, and rely on ruler straight.

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