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          How to prevent scratch when the manual brush water paint?

          Problem description:How to prevent scratch when the manual brush water paint?

          Paint in the water when the paint construction, the walls of the paint film occasionally leave traces of bristles, when the paint dry, there will be uneven brush marks, so that the thickness of the wall film, why Such a situation?

          1, brush marks problem phenomenon

          The bristles on the film leaving traces of dry after a trace of uneven brush pattern, so that film thickness uneven.

          2, brush marks the main reason

          Water-based paint viscosity is too high, too fast evaporation of water.

          In the wood products brushing, there is no parallel grain direction parallel operation.

          The brushes used are too small or the bristles are too strong or the brushes are poorly kept to make the bristles uneven or dry.

          3, to solve the problem

          Adjust the viscosity of water-based paint.

          Brush construction, should be the first direction along the wood grain over the water paint paint brush.

          To use a softer oil brush, oil to light action. Brush with oil, the application of thinner wash and keep safe, brush the missing brush should not try.

          The substrate is sealed with a closed primer, and the primer and topcoat are then applied.

          Brush the selected coating should have a good leveling.

          Found a brush pattern, the application of water sandpaper gently polished, and clean the rags with a clean dust, and then brushing paint water paint again.

          4, to prevent brush marks

          Pay attention to the proportion of water paint in the water against the time, adjust the water paint viscosity;

          A one-time brush water paint area not too large;

          Use brush to be appropriate, not too soft or excellent;

          In the absorption of the bottom of the first water-based primer on a brush;

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