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          L44-82831Black brown asphalt antirust paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Composed of coal tar pitch, red iron oxide and other anti-rust pigments, physical pigments, char, additives and solvents and other components.

          Key Features

                        Film has excellent water resistance and anti-rust properties

                        With L44-81 (830-1) aluminum powder asphalt antirust paint has good adhesion between the layers

                        Has good alkali resistance

                        Excellent anti-rust performance

                        Film heat resistance is poor, intolerance exposure


          For the L44-81 (830-1) aluminum powder asphalt bottom anti-rust paint and anti-fouling paint between the intermediate layer paint. Applicable to the bottom of the ship for the bottom anti-rust primer, but also for condensing pipes, wharf floats, sinks and other internal immersion steel facilities and wooden bottom, for anti-corrosion purposes.

          The appearance of black, bright.

          Construction parameters

                        Volume solid content 58 3% (according to GB / T9272 eqv ISO3233: 1998 Determination)

                        The dry film thickness is 40mm

                        Wet film thickness 69mm

                        Theoretical amount of 117g / m2

                        A flash point of 54 C

                        Drying time (25 )

                        Table dry 2h

                        Hard work 24h

          Overcoating interval time

          temperature  5  20  30
          The shortest36h24h16h

          Recommended coating number 2, dry film thickness greater than 80mm

          Before the Road supporting paint L44-81 (830-1) aluminum asphalt anti-rust paint bottom

          After the Road supporting paint with 836 asphalt antifouling or 836-1 asphalt antifouling paint, 813-1 wood antifouling paint.

          Surface treatment

                        • Before the paint should be completely dry

                        • Remove all oil and debris from the paint film

          Construction conditions

                        • Substrate temperature should be above 3 above dew point

                        Relative humidity not more than 85%

          Coating method

          Airless spray

                    Diluent 105 Diluent

                    Dilution 0-5% (by weight of paint)

                    Nozzle diameter 0.4-0.5mm

                    The discharge pressure is 15 to 20 MPa (about 150 to 200 kg / cm2)

          Air spraying

                        Diluent 105 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-10% (by weight of paint)

                        Nozzle diameter of 2.0-3.0mm

                        Air pressure 0.3-0.4MPa (about 3-4kg / cm2)

           Roll coating / brushing

                        Diluent 105 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-3% (by weight of paint)

          Cleaning agent 105 Diluent

          For safety measures, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Anhui Kailin New Material Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianchang Kailin Chemical Co., Ltd.).

          Packaging 20L barrels 28kg

                           10L barrels 15kg

          Shelf life of 12 months

          Remark For the correct use of our products, please carefully read the "User's Guide" in this manual.


              1. Exposure time: 831 black brown asphalt antirust paint impatience sun exposure, it should not be too early painting, brushing antifouling paint in the summer before the two days, the winter construction in seven days is appropriate. 831 black brown asphalt antirust paint coating too early will cause the film cracking.

              2. Antirust and antifouling effect of the ship's bottom paint has a great relationship with the thickness of the film, so the number of coating or use can not be arbitrarily omitted and reduced. Increased film thickness, anti-rust effect of a corresponding increase in anti-fouling, you can extend the period of docking. In the economy is cost-effective. Antifouling paint is to rely on the film of the toxic material to seawater gradually seepage, to prevent the purpose of marine biological attachment. To ensure that anti-fouling paint to a certain thickness (ie, the number of Road or brushing amount), to a certain period of time effective. Antifouling paint brushing too thin, so that the amount of poison in the film corresponding to reduce the effect of lasting anti-fouling can not be achieved.

          Asphalt primer should be supporting the use of the provisions of the bottom of the site can not be used 706 anti-rust paint, aluminum and iron anti-rust paint, zinc yellow rust paint, red lead rust paint primer.

          Construction should not be arbitrarily plus solvent dilution, otherwise it will affect the rust, anti-fouling performance. If the viscosity is too thick can not be painted or sprayed, can be diluted with a small amount of diluent. Can not use pine, otherwise the paint will condense into a cold, can not be used.

          Asphalt membrane coating material, mainly by coal tar pitch, so it's film performance is soft, potential resistance is poor, can not exceed -0.8 volts, if more than this potential, will cause the film bubble off, sea creatures Adhesion and other adverse effects.

          Statement The above data and data are based on our test and practical experience in the use of accumulated and can be used as construction guide. We do not understand the situation in the construction, we only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, other issues will not be responsible. For this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products have the right to modify.

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