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          Anion diatom mud wall scratch coating

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          1, the natural diatomite, anion powder, sepiolite, vermiculite powder and other raw materials as the main body, together with the soluble natural rubber powder and special auxiliary materials.

          2, does not contain benzene, aldehydes and other harmful substances, does not contain any heavy metals, non-toxic and tasteless.

          3, hard firm, fast drying, easy to polish; adjust humidity, mildew moisture; insulation, fire-retardant fire.

          4, sterilization deodorant, purify the air; the release of negative ions, enhance human immunity; green, healthy.

          Scope of application

          Replacing the use of building watering, Shuangfei powder, talcum powder, etc. to reconcile the putty powder for the building wall scraping, leveling. And supporting the use of the wall sealer common use, can make the wall strong and durable, healthy environmental protection.

          Technical indicators

          1, the theoretical coating rate: 1.0 ~ 1.2m2 / kg scratch coating 2 ~ 4mm

          2, surface dry time: ≤ 2h, hard work time: ≤ 24h

          3, together with the internal walls of nano-waterproof sealant and anion topcoat, indoor air quality can be achieved such as forests, waterfalls, coastal, grassland-like air

          Introduction of main ingredients

          Diatom mud: the main raw material from the deep seas of the seaweed, the algae after millions of years of sedimentation mineralization, the formation of diatomite diatomite. Its main ingredient is opal, soft texture, porous, with a strong physical adsorption properties and ion-exchange performance, can be the same as mud, water absorption, long-term use.

          Diatom mud with regulating humidity, the release of negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, sterilization deodorant and other functions. Now more and more are applied to the interior wall decoration.

          Negative ions: is present in the air of a very beneficial to human health, negative oxygen ions, by the medical profession as "air vitamins." It has excellent purification dust, reduce secondhand smoke hazards, prevention of respiratory diseases, improve sleep, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, free radicals in the body, reducing blood viscosity and other effects. A large number of long-term continuous release of negative ions in the wall coating, the family room can be changed into such as virgin forest, green wilderness-like nature, fresh ecological environment.

          product advantages 

          All current interior decoration, whether it is wallpaper, spray painting, or brushing latex paint, you must first scratch the walls flat. The scraping of the walls of the material are mostly with construction glue and Shuangfei powder, talcum powder and putty powder blending together. Do you not know that these building glue contains a large number of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, long-term volatile, odor stimulate the body and mind, is a long-term residents of a variety of diseases induced by one of the reasons. For young and old and frail people who are undoubtedly the potential killer. What is more, the so-called construction glue is low-grade cellulose modulation, for scratches the interior wall, neither water nor solid, leading to the decoration of the beautiful wall did not take long before there will be skin, hair, seepage , Shedding and other undesirable phenomena, to the occupants to bring great trouble.

          Anion diatom mud wall scraping Tu Po non-toxic and tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly, and can release long-term survival of the human body to the negative oxygen ions. With the use of the wall sealant can make the scraper of the wall strong and durable, no matter do wallpaper, painting, or latex paint, will not appear from the skin, seepage and fall off phenomenon. Its environmental performance and construction performance is its future in the market invincible fundamental.

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