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          New ecological exterior latex paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          A used in the external walls, but also can be used in the toilet high humidity areas such as latex paint. Anti-aging, high hiding power, anti-ultraviolet radiation, the sun does not change color for a long time. With anti-water and self-cleaning properties.

          1, resistant to scrubbing, anti-aging, shelf-life for a long time.

          2, simple operation, convenient construction; cheap, affordable.

          3, strong adhesion, weatherability and color retention of light, the coating delicate, soft color.

          4, not powder, not bleaching; breathable, waterproof strong.

          Scope of application

          It is suitable for the decoration and protection of concrete structures such as houses, hotels, office buildings, schools and other large structures, cement mortar, brick walls, precoated primer metal parts and wood products. On the non-condensing wall, can be 0-5 ℃ in the case of construction.

          Technical features 

          1, gloss: matte, half-light, light

          2, color: a variety of colors

          3, the coating rate: 8m2 / kg (again)

          4, drying time: dry: 30 minutes / 25 ℃, recoating time: 8 hours or more / 25 ℃ (drying time will vary with the ambient temperature and humidity vary)

          5, construction methods: roller coating, brushing, spraying

          6, thinner: brush, roller coating -20-30%, spray -30-40%.


          1, the construction process to keep air circulation.

          2, in order to avoid touching the skin and eyes or inhalation of excessive mist, use protective glasses, masks, gloves and other protective equipment.

          3, such as contaminated skin, the application of neutral detergent and warm water rinse. After opening the cans, pay attention to sealing, should avoid pollution.

          4, rain or windy weather can not be construction, wet walls should be in its dry before construction.

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