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          Nano-alkali closed primer

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          Alkali-resistant primer by the alkali resin, nano-wear-resistant filler and other components. Alkali-resistant primer is closed on the basis of the role played by the substrate. It has good permeability to concrete, super strong adhesion, outstanding alkali resistance and sealing performance, and good compatibility with various protective coatings for floor coatings and concrete structures. Alkali-resistant resin in the alkali-resistant primer, filler, etc. penetrate into the substrate, blocking the pores in the matrix, reducing the number of open pores in the matrix, increasing the number of closed pores, inhibiting the penetration of the coating moisture, The absorption of the upper layer becomes uniform.

          Closed Primer can effectively prevent water, the base can effectively isolate the base to eliminate water migration caused by the grass-roots, such as flowers, to prevent leakage of alkali damage to the coating. In addition, the weak base material can be reinforced, can strengthen the substrate, to avoid the phenomenon of peeling and loosening.

          Product Features 

          1, the use of nano-material production, with a strong permeability, connectivity, coagulation, closed.

          2, nano-alkali-resistant primer coating on the adhesion of concrete strong, outstanding alkali resistance, water resistance, sealing performance, it has a unique construction advantages. For the prevention of the external coating of pan-base, hair, from the powder, from the skin and other ills, has not underestimated the role.

          3, can make cement walls, mortar walls and dilapidated, loose weathering of the old walls become hard and firm, intact; thus ensuring the exterior surface finishing materials, the service life and performance continuity.

          Technical indicators

          1, the theoretical coating rate: 8-10m2 / kg

          2, drying time: 2h

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