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          Self-cleaning hydrophobic lotus leaf paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product is from the polymer emulsion, high-quality color fillers, a variety of functional additives and deionized water, the introduction of lotus leaf hydrophobic technology by the unique refining process. The film has the same lotus leaf as the excellent hydrophobic effect, excellent anti-fouling properties, excellent respiration, green environmental protection function, it is also known as "lotus leaf paint."

          Product Features

          1, the new bionic structure, such as the lotus leaf wall as hydrophobic dust, dust particles and water in the surface of the contact surface can be reduced by 90% or more, non-sticky water, impermeable to its lotus-like shrinking effect that water Was falling like a drop of water, dust is also easy to fall off.

          2, outstanding waterproof features, highly hydrophobic, to prevent the stability of pollutants attached to the surface contaminants are easy to remove.

          3, the film compact, smooth, good scrub resistance, brushing area, decorative beauty.

          4, the use of new eco-nano-materials, so that the coating has a lotus-like hydrophobic self-cleaning function, rain or sewage falls on the wall, like a lotus leaf, rain beat banana, natural rolling down, not to the wall Wall from a variety of pollutants erosion.

          5, the application of polarized ultraviolet shielding effect, improve the weather resistance and durability of the coating.

          6, the use of bio-engineering technology to make anti-bacterial coating with anti-mildew function.

          7, acid and alkali resistance, artificial aging, stain-resistant, washable; bright color and color retention lasting.

          8, to make up for the wall micro-cracks, weathering, anti-cracking, not from powder, can not afford to skin.

          Scope of application

          Applicable to the external surface of the flat coating, can also be used as lacquer paint, shells paint, relief paint the surface coating.

          Technical indicators

          1, the theoretical coating rate: 8-10m2 / kg

          2, surface dry time: ≤ 2h, hard work time: ≤ 24h

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