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          Natural really Shiqi

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          True stone paint mainly by the polymer, natural color stone sand and related additives made of dry hardened after curing, such as stone, the appearance of natural stone, such as general. It has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, pollution, nontoxic, tasteless, strong adhesive force and never fade. It can effectively prevent the external environment from eroding the building and prolong the life of the building. Adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance properties, it is particularly suitable for use in cold regions. Really Shiqi with construction is simple, easy to dry time and so on.

          Product Features

          1, decorative and strong. With imitation of natural stone, marble, granite thick slurry coating. Natural color, with a natural stone texture, a variety of grid design, can provide a variety of three-dimensional shape of the pattern structure, from the visual highlight the entire building of the elegant and solemn beauty, is the best alternative to dry stone hanging wall .

          Natural color stone powder as the main color filler, color plain, close to nature. The use of natural stone powder with different mesh, so that the coating surface with a real stone feeling, such as white marble, large bluestone, marble, hammer stone, etc., sensory nature, touch the real. Coating three-dimensional sense of strong, luxurious and elegant, nice.

          2, for a wide range. Can be used for cement brick wall, foam, gypsum, aluminum, glass and other base surface, and can be painted with the shape of any building.

          3, water-based environmental protection. Zhen Shiqi using water-based emulsion, non-toxic environmental protection, in line with people's environmental requirements.

          4, good stain resistance. 90% of the dirt is difficult to attach, rain washed, bright as new, artificial cleaning easier. Not powder, does not fall off, can not afford the skin, not out of the sand; not due to the passage of time and changes in the use of anti-aging, anti-aging, anti-aging; Color, not because of the long years and reduce texture.

          5, long service life. High-quality real Shiqi service life of up to 15 years.

          6, affordable. Low cost, applicable to the bodies and bodies, hotels, residential buildings, public places such as the external walls of architectural decoration. Good quality really Shiqi, a square meter market price of about 70-150 yuan (including construction), dry hanging stone with installation fee of at least 400 yuan / square meters, compared to the real stone paint has absolute price advantage.

          7, no security risks. The use of stone dry hanging wall will load thousands of tons of burden, a serious threat to safety. Really lacquer materials 4-5kg / square meter, accounting for only about 1/30 of the weight of stone, and strong adhesion, not as a whole stone off, can effectively protect the security.

          Construction equipment and requirements

          1, the air compressor: power 5 or more, sufficient gas, with at least three trachea, to meet more than three simultaneous construction.

          2, under the pot spray gun: capacity 500ml, diameter 1.3mm or more, the capacity can not be too large, otherwise too heavy, inconvenient operation, a small caliber construction speed is slow, may delay the construction period, not large area construction.

          3, real stone lacquer gun: sub-single gun, guns, three guns, etc., according to the different color choices, single-color single-gun, two-color, three-color guns, three guns, in order to adapt to different construction processes, Effect.

          4, various diameter nozzles: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc., according to the requirements of the model selection of different nozzles, the smaller the diameter of the spray effect is more evenly, large diameter is the greater the flower point.

          5, for concrete or cement within the external walls and brick walls, asbestos cement board, wood, plaster board, polyurethane foam board and other substrates. Construction of the substrate surface should be flat, clean, and have good strength, the new wall should be hard work for a month before construction, renovation of the old wall, first leveling the base, remove the loose, peeling surface and dust grease And other impurities before construction.

          6, real stone paint requirements formation, solid, no cracks. First with alkali-resistant primer or wall treatment agent back cover again, dry and then spray with a special spray gun one or two times a true stone, recoat interval of 2 hours or more.

          7,48 hours after the water-based varnish coated again. Must be applied primer, topcoat, in order to ensure the construction quality and weather resistance.

          8, the construction temperature should be higher than 5 ℃, the wind is greater than 4 when not construction. The main coating should be sprayed within 24 hours to avoid the rain police.

          9, in the construction process, is strictly prohibited in the materials used in water dilution.

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