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          842 epoxy cloud iron antirust paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          The composition of the epoxy resin, polyamide resin curing agent, gray mica iron oxide, anti-rust paint, additives and solvents composed of two-component epoxy antirust paint.

          Key Features

                        Excellent adhesion to sandblasted steel

                        • Excellent adhesion to properly treated galvanized steel and aluminum alloys

                        • Excellent adhesion and sealing properties on zinc-rich coatings for zinc-rich primers and steel

                        • Good weathering and corrosion resistance in industrial and chemical atmospheres

                        The surface has a certain degree of roughness, and epoxy, chlorinated rubber, polyurethane finish has a good supporting performance, but also with alkyd, phenolic and other traditional paint matching, and after the film has a good interlayer Focus

          * Has good wear resistance

                        Good anti-rust performance and durability

                        Type approval by China Classification Society


          Can be used as epoxy zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc primer and other high-performance anti-rust paint the middle coating to enhance the adhesion between the coating adhesion and protection; can be used for galvanized steel, aluminum alloy surface for the end Paint used; can also be directly applied to the blast-coated steel surface for rust-proof primer purposes. Widely used in ships and onshore steel structure of heavy anti-corrosion system.

          The appearance of gray, no light

          Construction parameters

                        Volume of solid 62 3% (according to GB / T9272 eqv ISO3233: 1998 requirements) (after mixing)

                        Component A: Component B = 7: 1 (weight ratio)

                        Dry film thickness 80-120m

                        Wet film thickness 129-194m

                        The theoretical amount of 215-324g / m2

                        Flash point of a component (base material) 27

                                      Component B (curing agent) 27

                        Drying time (25 )

                                   Table dry 2h

                                   Hard work 24h

                                   Fully cured 7d

                        Curing time (20 C after mixing) 30 min

                        Pot life (20 after mixing) 8h

                       (When the temperature is above 30 , the pot life of the mixture of A and B will be shortened with the increase of temperature)

          Overcoating interval time





          The shortest






          Note: For the meaning of "Unlimited", please refer to the supplementary note

          It is recommended to spray the coating a few Road no air, brush or roller 2-3 Road, dry film thickness 80-120m

          Former supporting primer H06-4 epoxy zinc-rich antirust paint, E06-1 inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint, H53-42 epoxy closed coating, H53-32 epoxy zinc phosphate antirust paint and other epoxy rust paint. Or directly painted on the surface of the steel with Sa2.5 rust-removing quality, or on the aluminum surface after the hair is smeared.

          After the Road supporting polyurethane paint, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic paint, epoxy finish, epoxy asphalt antirust paint, alkyd finish

          Surface treatment

                        • Steel coated with zinc-rich primer: Remove all oil, debris and zinc salts

                        Galvanized steel: pneumatic or electric flexible grinding wheel polished to remove all the oil, debris and zinc salts; such as for the underwater parts must be used for surface treatment of light sandblasting

                        Steel: sandblasting to Sa2.5

                        Coated with workshop primer steel: paint film damage, corrosion and zinc at the white rust on the second rust, in addition to white rust and polished to St3 level

                        Aluminum alloy: the bottom of the ship with a light sweep sand blasting, water or land area with sandpaper to fight hair

                        With the old film can be supporting: all the oil and debris in addition to the old film after the film hair

          Construction conditions

                        • Substrate temperature should be above 3 above dew point

                        When the temperature of the substrate is lower than 5 , please use the 842 epoxy mica iron antirust paint

                        Relative humidity not more than 85%

          Coating method

          Airless spray

                    Diluent 103 Diluent

                    Dilution 0-5% (by weight of paint)

                    Nozzle diameter 0.4-0.5mm

                    The discharge pressure is 20 to 25 MPa (about 200 to 250 kg / cm2)

          Air spraying

                    Not recommended for large areas of construction, only for small areas of repair or small to be painted parts

                    Diluent 103 Diluent

                    Dilution 0-10% (by weight of paint)

                    Nozzle diameter of 2.0-3.0mm

                    Air pressure 0.3-0.4MPa (about 3-4kg / cm2)

          Roll coating / brushing

                        Diluent 103 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-3% (by weight of paint)

          Cleaning agent 103 Thinner

          Safety precautions Refer to the MSDS.

          Packing group A 20L drum 21kg

                            Group B 4L drums 3kg

          Shelf life of 12 months

          Remark For the correct use of our products, please carefully read the "User's Guide" in this manual.

          Supplementary explanation

          842 Epoxy Manganese Iron Antirust Paint drying and curing time with the shortening of the temperature rise. Curing time at different temperatures are as follows:







          Table dry






          Hard work






          Fully cured





          Temperature between 5-10 can be 842 epoxy cloud iron antirust paint construction, but the curing speed is very slow

          When the temperature is lower than 5 , it is not suitable for epoxy resin and curing agent to stop. In this case, the construction can be carried out in a paint shop where the temperature is higher than 5 C. Or use 842 (winter type) epoxy cloud iron antirust paint

          • Adequate ventilation is required during the construction and curing of the 842 Epoxy Antirust Paint

          842 epoxy iron oxide antirust paint in the paint surface is not chalk or other substances pollution, generally not the longest painting interval restrictions. However, when the paint is fully cured before painting the next road paint, you will get the best interlayer adhesion. If the paint film of 842 Epoxy Anticorrosive paint is exposed to atmospheric environment for a long time before coating the next painting, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the surface of the paint film and the removal of the powdering layer by sanding in order to obtain good adhesion. Focus

          • If the coating thickness is too thick, such as 842, or if the relative humidity is greater than 85% during painting, the film will have a smooth surface. Before the construction of the next road finish, sanding with sandpaper to increase the adhesion between the paint film

          Statement The above data and data are based on our test and practical experience in the use of accumulated and can be used as construction guide. We do not understand the situation in the construction, we only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, other issues will not be responsible. For this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products have the right to modify.

          If you have questions, you can

          Or leave a message for us.

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