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          Shells, nap, embossed intermediate paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          1, water-soluble acrylic emulsion and natural redispersible powder for the film material, does not contain benzene, aldehydes and other harmful substances.

          2, natural limestone powder as the main color filler, together with other inorganic powder modulation; does not contain harmful heavy metals, non-volatile harmful gases, so that the real green.

          3, the use of different painting tools, to make different surface effect coating, such as: large nap, small nap, flower-shaped shells, lobular shells and a variety of different relief effects relief modeling.

          4, sealed with alkali-resistant primer seal the wall to cover the color of the outer wall paint overlay, convex and concave levels, clear-cut, giving a strong sense of three-dimensional, realistic. Generous minimalist, simple and natural, thought-provoking, floating phase of Pina.

          5, the use of special pull roller brush, bomb Tu gun, rubber roller and other modeling tools for painting.

          6, coating area: 0.8-1.0kg / square meter.

          7, three-dimensional sense of strong, vigorous pattern, can create a variety of aesthetic relief effect. Coating hard, resistant to characterization, a good waterproof effect, a good facade spraying performance, construction simple.

          8, weathering performance depends on the exterior wall paint weathering performance, according to the needs of different exterior coating matching.

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