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          Long afterglow luminous paint storage

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          Luminous paint is a kind of wall paint, it absorbs the general visible light irradiation after 10 to 20 minutes, can continue to shine in the dark for about 12 hours, can be limited to monotonous flat surface for the strange light-emitting fantasy multidimensional space. Decorative effect Ambilight, patchwork, pattern realistic, structured, delicate, seamless, can not afford to skin, no cracking, background and complexion can be free to mix, characters, landscapes, flowers, cartoons and other designs can be arbitrarily chosen Can be personalized custom, and unlimited cycle, long life, non-toxic harmless, non-radioactive elements, is a new generation of environmentally friendly decorative coatings. Mainly for entertainment occasions and high-end family homes.

          Its characters:

          1, translucent yellow-green liquid; daytime appearance of a yellowish liquid, light-emitting after the yellow-green light.

          2, the paint is mainly composed of water-based resin or emulsion, light-emitting materials such as energy storage from scattered.

          3, the paint by its own energy storage material to issue a certain light, it in the sunlight, light, visible light irradiation to absorb light energy, and in dark conditions will absorb the energy to low-frequency visible light emitted.

          Scope of application

          Mainly applicable to the corridor, tunnels, garages, halls, do suggestive decorative coating, save power, to achieve results. It can also be used as a luminous sign in hotels, shopping malls and special occasions. It can also be used for low-level emergency lighting. It can also be used for building, decoration, advertisement, traffic signage and man-made landscape.

          Product Features

          1, This is a decorative water-based paint, mainly used for some special location of the decorative coating.

          2, during the day to absorb the sun or natural astigmatism, the accumulation of light energy, natural light at night, sustainable 8h long. Used for the edge of the bridge painting, people will see a rainbow at night; for advertising plaque decorative lines, can be far from attractive Line of sight for signs, enhance the advertising effect.

          3, commonly used colors are blue, red, green and other decorative colors.

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