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          Ultra-weathering nano-elastic paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product uses nanometer water-based high elasticity synthetic latex as the film-forming material, in a certain external force and temperature range, to maintain a high resilience, flexibility and extensibility. In the primary wall of the crack, the coating will not break. The balance of tensile strength and elongation makes it an effective functional product to prevent surface cracks and prevent wall leakage.

          Product Features

          1, excellent stain resistance and self-cleaning, can effectively prevent haze, rain, acidic alkaline substances, ultraviolet radiation and air pollution caused by the powder, fade and other ills.

          2, water-based products in line with national environmental standards. Compared with the conventional elastic coating, the coating thickness of this product changes very little, even if there are convex and concave part of the wall surface, the elongation is basically uniform, so it is more anti-seepage and anti-cracking effect.

          3, the product coating is basically the temperature from the impact of the coating surface perennial stability.

          4, the high resilience, uniform extension, excellent water resistance, the stability of the four seasons, the decision of the good quality of products and market reputation.

          5, widely used in high-end residential area, garden villas, high-rise buildings, factory landscaping, floor coating, such as large-scale coating construction.

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