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          Long-term external wall fluorocarbon

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product is made of water-based fluorocarbon resin as film-forming material, together with high-quality weatherability of the color fillers and other auxiliary materials developed. This product does not contain chlorine elements, can be cured at room temperature, with a super weatherability, corrosion resistance, superior adhesion, excellent acid and alkali resistance; coating also has good flexibility, scratch resistance, scrubbing resistance , Abrasion resistance and powder resistance; This product is high-grade anti-corrosion and decorative finish.

          Product Features

          1, fluorocarbon materials because of excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and a small oxygen permeability coefficient, can effectively avoid the wall surface due to oxygen and carbonation, so as to meet the green and high performance requirements.

          2, widely used in long-term needs to maintain the status quo of high-grade buildings. Such as: high-level hotels, luxury hotels, upscale clubs, luxury apartments, villas, government offices, hospitals, schools and so on.

          3, in the United States on the west coast exposure test, coating twenty years unchanged.

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