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          19-8 Inorganic Zinc Silicate Antirust Paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Composition from the alkyl silicate polymer, zinc powder, pigments, additives and alcohol solvent composed of two-component inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint.

          Key Features

                         * Zinc powder has a cathodic protection, excellent anti-rust performance

                         * Dry fast, just a very short period of time that can carry, stacking

                         * Excellent heat resistance, the film can withstand 400 high temperature

                          Excellent low temperature curing performance

                          Excellent solvent resistance

                         * Excellent impact resistance, excellent wear resistance and moderate flexibility

                          Compatible with most paint systems

                          Type approval by China Classification Society

          Use for offshore platforms, steel piers pier, mine steel stents, bridges, large-scale steel structure for high-performance anti-rust paint.

          The appearance of gray no light

          Construction parameters

          Component A: Component B = 3: 1 (weight ratio)

                         Dry film thickness of 70m

                         The wet film thickness was 159 m

                         Theoretical amount of 312g / m2

                         A flash point of 13 C

                                       B component of 13

                         Drying time (25 )

                                     Table dry 1h

                                     Hard work 24h

          Painting interval

          Minimum coating interval of 24 hours or more, before painting with a cloth dipped in 107 thinner wipe the surface of E06-1 paint film to determine whether fully cured. If the zinc powder dissolved in the cloth, indicating that the film is not yet fully cured, to continue to dry; at less than 70% relative humidity, the film can be sprinkled on the water to promote the film curing; dry cloth to colorless Dissolved), that the film has been cured completely before painting the next road. The maximum coating interval is unlimited, but the zinc salt must be removed before overcoating.


          Can use the time (A, B mixed)

          The temperature




          Available time




          It is advisable to spray one coat of the coating and the thickness of the dry film should be within 70m

          After supporting paint with chlorinated rubber, epoxy, epoxy asphalt, asphalt, polyurethane, ethylene and other coatings supporting the use of oil, but not with alkyd, polyester paint used in supporting.

          Surface treatment Steel sandblasting to Sa2.5, surface roughness 35-75m

          Substrate temperature Construction can be carried out at an air temperature of -20 C to 50 C

                             • When the temperature of the substrate is too high (40 ), spray gun must be used, but the temperature of the substrate should not exceed 60 . In order to avoid dry spray must be adjusted to 107 thinner dry spray so far

                             • Substrate temperature should be above 3 above dew point

          Coating method

          Airless spray

                    Diluent 107 Diluent

                    Dilution 0-10% (by weight of the paint) * Note to prevent dry spray

                    Nozzle diameter 0.4-0.5mm

                    The discharge pressure was 15 MPa (about 150 kg / cm2)

          Air spraying

                        Diluent 107 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-10% (by weight of the paint) * Note to prevent dry spray

                        The nozzle diameter is 2.0-2.5mm

                        Air pressure 0.3-0.6MPa (about 3-6kg)

          Roll coating / brushing

                        Not a large area of construction, limited to small area repair coating

                        Diluent 107 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-5% (by weight of paint)

          Cleaner 107 Diluent

          Safety precautions Refer to the MSDS.

          Packing Group A (zinc paste) 20L barrels 22.5kg

                          B component (main agent) 10L Bottled 7.5kg

          Shelf life of 6 months


          During the construction period, stir the agitator to prevent the zinc powder from settling

          When the temperature is above 30 , 107 diluent can be added to dry spray to avoid dry spray, 107 diluent is added in 0-10% of the weight of the paint,

          When the dry film thickness is lower than the requirement and needs to be re-coated with an E06-1 inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint, the E06-1 inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint should be diluted with 50% of the 107 diluent, To increase the interlayer adhesion between the paint film

          E06-1 Inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint film thickness can not be greater than 120m, such as dry film thickness greater than 120m due to the role of stress within the film will occur mud mud and failure

          In order to close the pores of the inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint film surface and prevent the pinhole corrosion, it is necessary to seal the E06-1 inorganic zinc silicate anticorrosive paint with H53-42 epoxy sealant or other kind of sealer

          Before coating the next road paint, E06-1 inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint film must be fully cured, otherwise it will affect the adhesion between layers and anti-corrosion effect. Paint before dipping 107 thinner to wipe the paint film, such as cloth colorless (that is not dissolved), said film has been completely cured, before the paint after the road

          Relative humidity less than 70% is not conducive to the inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint hydrolysis curing reaction, in order to promote the curing of the paint, 3 hours after the painting after every 2 hours in the paint film on the appropriate water

          E06-1 Inorganic zinc silicate antirust paint the longest painting interval is not restricted, but in the paint under the road before the paint, you must completely remove the zinc coating formed on the surface, otherwise it will affect the film layer Between the adhesion and protection

          Remark For the correct use of our products, please carefully read the "User's Guide" in this manual.

          Statement The above data and data are based on our test and practical experience in the use of accumulated and can be used as construction guide. We do not understand the situation in the construction, we only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, other issues will not be responsible. For this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products have the right to modify.

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