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          19-5L01-20(423)New oil asphalt varnish

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Composed of petroleum asphalt and 100 # mixed solvent and other components.

          Key Features

                        Dry fast

                        · Has good water resistance

                        · Has good chemical resistance and rust resistance

                        · Convenient construction and low price

                        * Intolerance of oil, intolerance of sunlight exposure


          Applicable to the ship's coal tank and chain, for repair paint. Can also be used for the damp place, buried steel surface, but also for inland wood boat primer.

          The appearance of black, bright.

          Construction parameters

                        Volume of solid 62 ± 3% (according to GB / T9272 eqv ISO3233: 1998 provisions of the determination)

                        Dry film thickness 25mm

                        Wet film thickness 40mm

                        Theoretical amount of 42g / m2

                        A flash point of 54 ° C

                        Drying time (25 ℃)

                        Table dry ≤ 2h

                        Hard work ≤ 18h

          Overcoating interval (25 ℃)

                        The shortest 18h

                        The maximum is unlimited

          Recommended coating number 2, dry film thickness 50mm (due to L01-20 paint in the coal tar pitch bleed effect, easily lead to discoloration, it is not appropriate to paint other coatings).

          Surface treatment

                        • Remove surface rust

                        • Remove oil and debris from the surface

          Construction conditions

                        • Substrate temperature should be above 3 ℃ above dew point

                        · Relative humidity not more than 85%

          Coating method

          Dip coating

                        Diluent 105 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-5% (by weight of paint)

          Roll coating / brushing

                        Diluent 105 Diluent

                        Dilution 0-3% (by weight of paint)

          Cleaning agent 105 Diluent

          Safety precautions Refer to the MSDS.

          Packaging 20L barrels 20kg

          Shelf life of 12 months.

          Remark For the correct use of our products, please carefully read the "User's Guide" in this manual.

          Statement The above data and data are based on our test and practical experience in the use of accumulated and can be used as construction guide. We do not understand the situation in the construction, we only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, other issues will not be responsible. For this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products have the right to modify.

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