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          H06-11 steel structure epoxy zinc-rich primer (two-component)

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Products: Epoxy resin as the base material, and add a composite anti-rust paint and ultra-fine metal zinc powder, using polyamide resin as a curing agent from the preparation.

          Product performance: an electrochemical protective coating, with the role of cathodic protection, anti-rust performance, good adhesion, heat resistance, when welding cutting, it will not burn a large area, does not affect the welding performance, Dry quickly, oil, water and other characteristics.

          Application: It is used as the most basic anti-rust primer for steel structure equipment in bridge, tower, petroleum, metallurgy and chemical industry.

          Construction parameters:

          Color: gray no light

          Proportion: Main paint: curing agent = 9: 1 (weight ratio)

          Theoretical dosage: anti-rust primer 180g / ㎡, heavy anti-corrosion primer 380 g / ㎡

          Wet film thickness: anti-rust primer 80μm, heavy anti-corrosion primer 160μm

          Dry film thickness: rust 40μm primer, heavy anti-corrosion primer 80μm

          Drying time: dry: 30 minutes, hard work: 24 hours, fully cured 7 days (23 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 55 ± 5%)

          Maturation time: 15 minutes

          Construction Reference: Recommended Painting Road: for anti-corrosion primer, the use of airless spray 1, hand brush, roll 2

          After the Road supporting coating: H06-4 epoxy cloud iron antirust paint.

          Surface treatment: to be painted surface must be cleaned of oil, water, dust and other debris. There are oxide steel, sandblasting to St2.5. No oxidation of steel, pneumatic, electric or hand-polished to St3 level.

          Substrate temperature: the substrate temperature must be higher than the dew point above 3 ℃; outdoor temperature below 5 degrees, epoxy curing agent with the curing reaction is stopped, not suitable for outdoor construction.

          Construction methods: spraying, roller coating

          Thinner: XH-1 epoxy diluent

          Dosage: 0-5% or as appropriate dilution.

          Safety measures: pay attention to the construction site to have a good ventilation and other environmental protection measures, and is strictly prohibited fire.


          1, the surface of zinc-rich primer can form zinc salts, paint in the paint after the road should not be exposed for a long time. If you need a longer coating interval, it is recommended as soon as possible coating H06-4 epoxy cloud iron antirust paint for sealing.

          2, in the steel plate coating, the viscosity should be adjusted to 25 seconds (Tu -4 cup, 23 ± 2 ℃) or so.

          Packing: Main paint: 27Kg / barrel curing agent: 3kg / pot

          Shelf Life: 12 months, subject to specified conditions

          Note: For correct use of this product, please carefully read the instructions.

          Disclaimer: The above information and data is accumulated in the experimental conditions and actual use, and can be used as a construction guide. We only guarantee the quality of the paint, for this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products are subject to change without notice.

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