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          L52-2 improved asphalt anti-corrosion paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Composition: modified by the resin, phenolic coal tar pitch, rust paint, thickening agent consisting of one-component coating.

          Performance: Tough film adhesion, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Long-term protection in the marine and other harsh environments.


          The paint is widely used in buried pipes, steel, wood products, cement products such as anti-corrosion surface and the general atmospheric corrosion coating.

          Construction parameters:

          Colour: Black 

          Specific gravity: about 1.19 g / m3

          Theoretical dosage: 130g / m2

          Wet film thickness: 40 μm

          Dry film thickness: 30 μm

          Flash point: 20 ℃

          Drying time: dry 6 hours, hard work 48 hours (23 ± 2 ℃)

          Maturation time: open evenly after mixing can be used

          Painting interval: to be hardened after the next painted a paint

          Construction Reference:

          Recommended coating number: 2

          Surface treatment: If directly coated on steel, steel shot blasting or blasting required to achieve the Swedish derusting standards Sa2.5 level;

          In the workshop with a primer on the surface will be subject to secondary derusting, to the Swedish derusting St3 standard.

          Substrate temperature: substrate temperature should be higher than the dew point above 3 ℃, relative humidity should be less than 85%. 5 degrees below should not be construction.

          Construction methods: spraying, brushing, roller coating

          Thinner: XHL modified asphalt thinner

          Dosage: 0-15% (by weight)

          Safety measures: Avoid long-term inhalation of solvent vapor or paint mist, skin, eyes can not contact this product, in the narrow or air circulation construction, must provide strong ventilation, construction should wear protective equipment.

          Packing: 20kg / barrel

          Shelf life: 12 months under the specified conditions.

          Note: For correct use of this product, please carefully read the instructions.

          Disclaimer: The above information and data is accumulated in the experimental conditions and actual use, and can be used as a construction guide. We only guarantee the quality of the paint, for this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products are subject to change without notice.

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