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          H52-53 colored epoxy anticorrosive finish (two-component)

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Composition: Epoxy resin, light fastness pigment, physical pigment, dispersant, anti-settling agent, mixed solvent and curing agent. A, B two-component packaging.

          Product performance: The paint is a high corrosion resistance of the surface layer of paint. Long-term exposure to the atmosphere, with good chemical stability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance and anti-aging properties.

          Usage: available in epoxy iron red paint, epoxy zinc-rich primer and epoxy antirust paint, and then the paint as a corrosion-resistant topcoat. Apply to the protection of steel structures. For high-performance anti-corrosion finish.

          Construction parameters:

          Theoretical dosage: 260g / ㎡ wet film thickness: 190μm

          Dry film thickness: 120μm Pot life: 23 ± 2 ℃ 8 hours

          Drying time: 4 hours dry surface, hard work 24 hours (23 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 55 ± 5%)

          Curing time: 23 ± 2 ℃ 30 minutes overcoating time: 23 ± 2 ℃ 1-3 days

          Construction Reference:

          Recommended Painting Road: No air spray 1 to 2, brush, roll 2 to 4 Road

          Former matching paint: H06-1 epoxy zinc-rich primer, H06-4 epoxy cloud iron antirust paint.

          Surface treatment: Before the primer must be completely dry. To be painted surface must be cleaned of oil, water, dust and other debris to the provisions of the time interval between the application of the paint.

          Substrate temperature: temperature below 5 ℃, should not be used. When the temperature is higher than 5 ℃, the interval between the after painting and the former painting is not more than 24 hours. In order to ensure the adhesion between layers, it is better to apply the second coating .

          Curing time: 23 ± 2 ℃ 0.5 hours.

          Construction method: spray, brush or roller

          Thinner: XH-3 epoxy polyurethane thinner

          Dosage: 0-10% (by weight)

          Safety measures: pay attention to the construction site to have a good ventilation and other environmental protection measures, and is strictly prohibited fire.

          Packing: Main paint: 20kg, curing agent: 10kg.

          Shelf Life: 12 months, subject to specified conditions.

          Note: For correct use of this product, please carefully read the instructions.

          Disclaimer: The above information and data is accumulated in the experimental conditions and actual use, and can be used as a construction guide. We only guarantee the quality of paint, for this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products have the right to modify without notice.

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