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          F52-6 Fluorocarbon anticorrosive finish (two-component)

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product composition

          This product is based on fluorocarbon resin as the main component of the two-component coating.

          Product performance

          1, ultra-durability, ultra-weatherability, anti-corrosion, strong self-cleaning.

          2, strong adhesion, high decorative, waterproof mildew, acid and alkali.

          3, a good film performance flexibility, scratch resistance, scrub resistance.

          4, excellent non-fading, resistance to loss, resistance to cracking, powder resistance and wear resistance.

          Product Usage

          For a variety of building steel structure, highway guardrail, transformers, railway bridges, transport facilities, machinery and equipment such as surface corrosion and decoration, to extend the service life of steel structures.

          Construction parameters:

          Color: according to customer requirements modulation. Density: (1.10 ~ 1.45) g / ml.

          Drying time: dry 30 minutes, hard work 24 hours (room temperature), fully cured 7 days.

          Theoretical spread rate: 8 to 10 square meters / kg (dry film thickness of 30 microns).

          Mixing ratio: Main paint: curing agent = 5: 1 (mass ratio), subject to packaging logo.

          Film thickness: wet film: 70 microns;

          Dry film: 25 to 30 microns.

          Painting interval: Spray, roll at least 8 hours (room temperature)

          Before the Road paint: epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy or iron epoxy iron iron in the red iron paint.

          Surface treatment: Before coating, the substrate surface should be clean, dry, flat, solid, no grease, embroidery blunt and other debris; steel surface is best to use blasting fire peening, to achieve St3 level or Sa2.5 level . Or polished with sandpaper to rust.

          Dust treatment - compressed air can be used to clean the net clean hair brush.

          Old paint treatment - use a shovel to eradicate, fill flat grinding, or, as appropriate, use other methods

          Grease treatment - first with gasoline or thinner to remove, and then wipe clean with a clean cloth.

          Pot life: within 6 hours after mixing (23 ± 2) ℃.

          Tool cleaning: XF fluorocarbon thinner. Construction methods: spraying, brushing, roller coating

          Thinner: XF Fluorocarbon Diluent Dosage: 10-20% or as appropriate

          Safety measures: pay attention to the construction site to have a good ventilation and other environmental protection measures, and is strictly prohibited fire.

          Packing: Main paint: 20kg / barrel curing agent: 4kg / barrel

          Shelf Life: The shelf life is 12 months, subject to the specified conditions.

          Disclaimer: The above information and data is accumulated in the experimental conditions and actual use, and can be used as a construction guide. We only guarantee the quality of the paint, for this manual, we will be based on the continuous improvement of products are subject to change without notice.

          If you have questions, you can:

          Or leave a message for us.

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