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          Water - based waterproof coating

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product is composed of acrylic emulsion and additives consisting of paint and cement, with sand and mineral powder powder composed of a specific proportion of the two-component combination of waterproof material. Two kinds of materials, chemical reaction occurs after mixing, both the formation of surface waterproof coating, but also penetrate into the substrate to form a crystal to suppress the passage of water to achieve double waterproof effect. The use of safe, easy construction, simple operation, can be in the absence of clear water, the direct construction of the wet surface; strong bond, and the material and the environmental protection, environmental stability, good stability, good resistance to aging, waterproof and long life; Cement base surface bond strength of up to 0.5Mpa, more than most of the material has good bonding properties; material elasticity, elongation of up to 200%, crack resistance, frost resistance and low temperature flexibility excellent; Good, non-foaming, film-forming effect is good, fast curing; construction is simple, brush, roller, scraping the construction can be.

          The basic color of this product is white, with a significant heat reflection function, compared with the traditional black roof can play a heat insulation effect, modulated into color, the roof and the walls play decorative landscaping. Coating the whole seamless, able to adapt to the characteristics of grass-roots micro-changes. Waterproof coating with organic molecular polar groups, and thus a lot of polar materials have good adhesion, such as with the polymer modified asphalt membrane, polyethylene polypropylene fiber membrane, EPDM membrane with good . In particular, instead of 107 polyvinyl alcohol adhesive and cement blending after bonding polyethylene polypropylene fiber membrane, to improve the impermeability of waterproof layer, crack resistance, flexibility and other comprehensive performance, highlighting its excellent quality.

          Product Features 

          Rigid waterproof material, outstanding bonding performance, mainly used for bathroom, kitchen and bathroom waterproof moisture treatment.

          Scope of application

          1, indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, mortar masonry structure of the wall, the ground waterproof;

          2, bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor, balcony, the pool of the ground and wall waterproof;

          3, for paving stone, tile, wood flooring, wallpaper, gypsum board before the end of the wiping treatment, up to prevent moisture and salt pollution effects.

          Construction guidance

          First, the base surface (substrate) treatment:

          1, the substrate must be strong, voucher, clean, no dust, greasy and other debris material;

          2, the base surface of the pores, cracks, unequal defects, to be pre-coated with cement mortar repair, expansion joints recommend the paste of plastic, the node must be added a layer of non-woven, nozzle filling recommended Leibang Shi nozzle grouting Material filling

          3, Yin and Yang should be wiped into the arc-shaped (or V-shaped);

          4, to ensure that the base surface is fully moist, but no clear water;

          5, the new pouring of concrete surface (including plastering) in the construction should be more than 15d before drying.

          Second, the construction method:

          1, the first paint into the container, and then slowly add the powder while stirring with a blender for 3-5 minutes, to form a non-powder group and particles of uniform slurry can be used.

          2, with brush or roller brush directly brushing the base surface, the intensity of the use of uniform, non-leakable brush; generally need to brush 2 times (depending on the use of requirements), each brushing thickness of not more than 1mm; Dry and then after a brushing (just sticky hands, the general interval 1-2 hours), before and after the vertical cross brushing, brushing the general thickness of the general 1-2mm; if the coating has been cured, brushing another Layer when the first wet with water.

          3, 24 hours after construction it is recommended to cover the coating with a damp cloth or spray water spray on the coating for conservation.

          4, completely dry before construction to prevent the stampede, rain, exposure, sharp injury protection.

          5, (closed water test): bathroom, pool and other parts of the waterproof layer to be dry (at least 24 hours in summer, winter at least 48 hours) filled with water 48 hours to check the waterproof construction is qualified. Light wall to be done with water test.

          Third, pay attention to matters:

          1, suitable for 5 ℃ -40 ℃ environment, to avoid high temperature, low temperature and outdoor rainy weather;

          2, single-layer brushing should not be too thick, especially the nozzle and corner to prevent cracks; After construction, please maintain ventilation, easy to waterproof layer of dry solid;

          3, in the late construction to avoid damage to the waterproof layer;

          4, in the waterproof layer on the paving tiles when the ban on the use of pure cement paste, and the use of tiles and construction requirements and leave gaps, it is recommended to use Leibang Shi Lei Bangshi plastic tile adhesive or mortar;

          5, usually 1.5-2.0 kg / square meter; the actual use by the specific use, location, construction methods and roughness of the base surface may be.

          6, according to non-dangerous goods requirements. To prevent the rain, exposure, frozen extrusion, collision, upside down, packaging damage and so on. Store in a cool dry place; intact packaging under normal storage conditions, shelf life of 12 months.

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