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          Cement - based crystalline cementitious waterproof coating

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          Cement-based crystalline waterproof coating is based on special cement, quartz sand as the base material, into a variety of active chemical substances made of rigid powder waterproof material. After the action with water, the active chemical substances contained in the material penetrate into the concrete through the carrier water to form the water-insoluble crystals in the concrete, blocking the capillary channel, so that the concrete is dense and waterproof.

          Scope of application

          Products for industrial and civil construction of underground engineering, subway and culverts, ponds, water conservancy projects such as the waterproofing concrete structure and protection.


          Product Features

          1, inorganic materials, never fail waterproof system, when other waterproof system failure can continue to work. , & Lt;

          2, can be long-term tolerance of high water pressure - up to 300 meters head.

          3, self-healing properties, self-healing 0.4mm concrete cracks.

          4, the construction performance of the back surface of water to solve a large number of basement leakage problems.

          5, non-toxic, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali, can improve the strength of concrete.

          6, no leveling layer and protective layer, save time, speed up the progress of the project, the construction cost is greatly reduced.

          7, with osmotic function, can penetrate through the chemical reaction to the internal concrete crystals plug the concrete pores.

          Construction guidance

          1, before the construction of the substrate surface to remove debris and dirt, look for cracks, cracks over 2mm should be repaired with cement.

          2, the product (dry powder) by 0.25 ~ 3: 1 water-cement ratio for the deployment, should be dry powder into the water, while stirring down side, tune the slurry should be used within two hours.

          3, the general dosage is 1.2kg / m3, dry film thickness 0.8 ~ 1mm.

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