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          Water - based new eco - waterproofing agent

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product shape

          This product is an admixture, added to the cement, when the cement coagulation and hardening, along with volume expansion, play a compensatory contraction and tensioned steel prestressed and fully fill the role of cement gap.

          Water-based new eco-waterproofing agent is the water-based agent to make it non-polluting, no emissions, no harm to human health.


          Scope of application

          For basements, bathrooms, reservoirs, purification ponds, tunnels and roof, roof, floors, walls and other waterproofing works.


          Technical characteristics

          1, the product of calcium sulphoaluminate expansive components with compensation 硂 contraction to achieve the effect of cracking; 硂 in water curing 14 days limit expansion ≥ 0.015%, while the general waterproofing agent can only impermeable, can not crack.

          2. The superplasticizer component of this product can reduce the water-cement ratio, increase the workability and compactness, further reduce the shrinkage rate, fill the internal porosity, to improve the impermeability rating and compressive strength effect.

          3, the product with the construction of different season, compound retarder and other components, with reduced heat of hydration, to reduce temperature cracks, and thus pouring large volume, the summer construction, or mixed with early strength or antifreeze can be poured Winter frost resistance early frost resistance.

          4, the use of this product compensation shrinkage 硂 construction of more than 60m reinforced steel structure, can not stay after pouring belt to strengthen the belt instead of pouring belt, continuous watering. Can solve the post-seepage of the clean-up and chiseled to the construction of trouble; to solve after pouring to be poured in 60 days after the construction period, the hidden dangers of infiltration and more.

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