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          Water - based thick coating of steel structure fire retardant coating

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product is the coating thickness of 8-50mm for the first class of fire-rated steel load-bearing components of the fire protection of thick coating fire retardant coating. The spray coating on the surface of steel components, in case of fire, relying on the coating itself, non-flammable and low thermal conductivity of the formation of fire-resistant thermal insulation layer, slow fire on the load-bearing components of the direct invasion, thereby effectively improve the fire resistance of steel structures can be Up to 0.5-3h.

          This product does not corrode steel, does not react chemically with any anticorrosive primer, has no irritating odor, and is light in weight (relatively light in structural load). The unit coating area is large. Harmful gases and other characteristics.

          Scope of application

          Applicable to all kinds of new construction, expansion and alteration of industrial and civil construction of steel load-bearing components of the fire coating and fire protection.

          Construction guidance

          1, before painting, steel components should be completely clear the surface of dust, oil, rust, and anti-rust coating primer.

          2, the coating should be before the interior decoration and not be damaged by subsequent works under the conditions. Construction, the need for fire protection walls, doors, windows, mechanical equipment and other components should be shielded protection.

          3, spraying again before the steel structure interface agent, to be dry after the interface surface by spraying or wiping the way for coating. Before coating, according to the proportion of powder: emulsion = 1: 1 mixing evenly, so that there was no caking thick fluid state. Thin consistency should be based on the coating method may be to facilitate the construction, not flowing, bonding solid is appropriate, mixed with a good slurry aging 15-25 minutes after construction to ensure the slurry to achieve the best construction viscosity. For extra-wide large-scale steel should be added steel frame to prevent paint leakage or separation.

          4, the proposed construction of the first pass by spraying the construction method, the coating thickness of not more than 5 mm, the second time can start spraying or wiping coating, coating thickness per not more than 10 mm is appropriate, each time interval of 24 hours , Until the design thickness of not less than 13.3 mm. Use spray coating method, the use of concave bucket-type spray gun, air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa, nozzle diameter should be 6-10mm spray gun perpendicular to the surface coating components to 40-60cm is appropriate. The use of wiping method and wipe the method of cement is basically the same.

          5, according to the ability to determine the preparation of coating capacity, can be used with the allocation. Prepared paint should be used within 120 minutes, can not be reused after solidification.

          6, the requirements of the construction site environment temperature 5-38 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%. Physical and chemical properties test Maintenance period of 28 days, fire resistance test maintenance period of 40 days.

          7, such as outdoor brushing, the coating is basically dry, you must paint the surface of the fire and then brushing acid and alkali modified acrylic paint to be protected.

          8, not to dry the coating shall not impact, water and rain.

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