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          Water - based ultra - thin steel structure fire retardant coating

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product is a coating thickness of not more than 3mm of steel fire retardant coating. The fire retardant coating in case of fire expansion foam to form a sponge-like carbon fire insulation layer to prevent the heat transfer to the substrate, is developed in recent years, new varieties.

          This product is generally used in the requirements of fire resistance within 2h of the construction steel structure. Compared with the thick coating steel structure fireproof coating, this product's coating thinner, the construction is convenient, the decoration is better. In meeting the requirements of fire protection at the same time to meet the requirements of high decorative, in line with the current steel structure of fire retardant coating toward the ultra-thin, ultra-weather performance, decorative performance of the direction of the development trend.


          Scope of application

          Widely used in large-scale industrial and mining steel plant, a variety of stadiums, exhibition hall of the main steel structure fire protection.


          Construction guidance

          1, thin-coated steel structure of the fire retardant coating of the primer (or the main coating) should adopt the gravity spray gun, the pressure of about 0.4Mpa. For the partial repair and small area construction, can be hand-wiping Tu. Surface decorative coating can be just coated, spray or roller.

          2, two-component coating of paint, according to the instructions specified in the field deployment; single component of the coating should also be fully stirred.

          3, undercoat construction should meet the following requirements:

          A, when the steel substrate surface rust and rust treatment to meet the requirements, dust and other debris removed before construction.

          B, the bottom of the general spray 2-3 times, each time the thickness of spray should not exceed 2.5mm, must be dried again after the former again after spraying.

          C, coating should ensure that the coating is completely closed, clear outline.

          D, the operator must carry the thickness gauge needle detection coating thickness, and to ensure that the design of the coating thickness.

          E, when the design requirements of the coating surface to be smooth, the coating should be the last time for smoothing treatment to ensure that the outer surface even formation.

          4, surface coating construction should meet the following requirements:

          A, when the thickness of the bottom meet the design requirements, and the basic drying, before the construction surface layer.

          B, surface coating generally 1-2 times, and should cover the bottom. Coating dosage is 0.5-1kg / ㎡.

          C, surface layer should be uniform color, then Cha formation.

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