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          Water-based rust rust primer

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          This product through certain active pigments and antirust pigments in the role of inorganic acids and the corresponding additives, the formation of ions to absorb stable rust genes, rust active rust, to complex coordination reaction. In the coating process, the paint fully penetrate into the steel surface of the pores, the rust separated and surrounded by the film after hydrolysis by slow reaction with each other, and further form insoluble heteropoly acid complex, will be harmful Rust into a useful protective layer, firmly attached to the metal surface, in order to obtain effective and durable corrosion inhibition and anti-rust purposes.


          Product Features 

          1, hard coating, attached firmly, the construction is simple, environmentally friendly.

          2, before painting steel components only the surface of ash, welding slag, oil, loose thick rust floating rust, the old patent leather and cold-rolled steel plate on the anti-rust oil clean, you can directly with the rust coating.

          3, after painting the coating was black, two hours interval can be painted intermediate paint or anti-corrosion finish.

          4, safe and convenient construction, construction workers hand washing and cleaning tools do not use solvent-based thinner, use tap water can be. Both to ensure good health, but also save the weighing material, reducing construction costs.

          5, the biggest advantage of this product: a direct rust coating, saving acid phosphate, sand blasting process and the cost of potential pills.

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