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          Water - based inorganic zinc - rich primer

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          1, the coating has excellent electrochemical corrosion resistance; because the substrate is conductive, allowing the zinc in a controlled state by adding the solution, making it an iron and steel anode, coating can damage any cathodic protection. Any small lack of paint patches, pinholes, scratches or scars will heal due to the formation of zinc reaction products such as Zn (OH) 2 and ZnCO3.

          2, has a very high weathering performance, the atmosphere, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, rain, fog, bacteria, fungi or temperature on its impact is small.

          3, wear resistance, oil resistance, resistance to various organic solvents; anti-cracking, anti-shedding. Especially in the alkaline and salt spray of the larger environment, its deep durability, flexibility, better than the general zinc-rich primer.

          4, the product non-toxic and tasteless, non-flammable non-explosive, long-term corrosion. Can be used as heavy anti-corrosion workshop primer, can also be directly used as anti-corrosion coating, no longer coating topcoat.

          5, as hard as a stone coating and a good chemical bonding force to form a contact friction characteristics. Therefore, it can be used as a coating on the joint surface of steel structures such as buildings, bridges, scaffolding, oil tanks, etc. (friction interface between steel structure sections).

          6, inorganic zinc-rich coating than the metal galvanized layer, thermal spray zinc layer has a better chemical resistance.


          Scope of application

          It is suitable for storage tanks, pressure pump station pipelines, organic chemical storage, high purity gas storage, water pipes, storage tanks, bridges, offshore platforms, large steel structures, auto parts, railway vehicles and containers.

          With the use of fluorocarbon paint, in the sea bridge has 50 years of good experience in film protection.



          Technical indicators



          Adhesion (grade)


          Bending test (Cylindrical shaft)


          Hiding power (after mixing)


          Drying time (h)

          Table dry≤0.5

          Hard work≤5

          Mixing time after use(h)


          Freeze-thaw cycle (5 times)

          Not bad

          Resistance to neutral salt spray(h)


          And several other heavy-duty coating comparison

          Base coat

          Salt spray test(h)

          Red lead primer


          Epoxy zinc-rich paint


          Alcohol soluble inorganic zinc-rich primer


          Water - based inorganic zinc - rich primer


          Hot spray zinc, aluminum (plus sealing layer)




          Construction guidance

          1, the substrate surface after blasting or blasting treatment, to achieve the surface without oil and oxide, clean and smooth, no water stains.

          2, the product is two-component water-based paint, A group of powder, B group of liquid. A component should be poured into the B component before the construction (remember: B component must not be poured into A component), with a hand drill or other mechanical mixing evenly.

          3, with a clean tap water to spray viscosity, it is recommended to add water 20-30%, after mixing evenly, with 80 mesh filter, and then placed in the 5-10min static painting.

          4, recommended the use of airless spray, spray gun and lacquer tube do not mix with solvent-based paint. The original solvent-based airless spray equipment, the use of this product, you should first use thinner spray washing, and then sprayed with tap water washing, and then put on a clean spray gun and lacquer can be transported.

          5, the product can be a one-time thick Tu, as long as the slow gun, do not have the phenomenon of sagging can be.

          6, dry film thickness to rust-proof grade, whichever is 20μm, 40μm, 80μm, and even> 100μm. Dry and cool place to store, to prevent exposure.

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