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          Oily to water - based epoxy anti - rust primer

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Technical background

          In the protection of human ecology, energy saving and emission reduction of the environment, especially in Western developed countries, people are gradually reducing the use of volatile substances that continue to spray the solvent-based coatings, the development of environmentally friendly coatings. Water-based industrial anti-corrosion coating as one of environment-friendly coatings, has become a strong field of heavy-duty products. However, due to its short history of development, it has not yet a correct understanding of China has so far not introduced water-based industrial anti-corrosion coating of national standards, and some of their own characteristics (slow drying time, low hardness film) and People's long-term use of solvent-based paint habits, so that its promotion and application of many difficulties encountered.

          Oily to water-based epoxy anti-rust primer to clean tap water as a diluent, non-organic solvents, non-toxic harmless, non-flammable non-explosive, pollution-free, no emissions, in line with energy saving, green ecological direction. It also has the basic properties of solvent-based coatings, consistent with the long-term use of solvent-based paint habits. Compared with water-based industrial anti-corrosive coatings and solvent-based coatings, various resistance properties are significantly improved, especially the salt spray performance (anti-corrosion coating the most important technical indicators) doubled up to 500h or more. Oily water-based epoxy anti-rust primer is to solve the application of water-based industrial anti-corrosion coating defects and solvent-based paint defects and environmental research and development, and in practical applications have been tested to prove its practical application effect.


          Product Features 

          1, the product is solvent-based epoxy resin as a film-forming material, and water-based epoxy resin curing agent as a cross-linking agent, produced through a special production process. It is a clean tap water for the diluent does not contain toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and other organic solvents, non-flammable non-explosive, health and safety.

          2, with a solvent-based coating function and effect, but also has a water-based paint environmental protection, ecological characteristics. High hardness coating, strong adhesion, acid and alkali, fire resistance to salt, salt spray resistance than other epoxy primer is much stronger.


          Technical indicators







          Solid content(%)


          Drying time(h)

          Table dry≤0.5

          Hard work≤24

          Adhesion (grade)


          Impact resistance(kg/cm)




          Alkali resistance(10%/NaOH.h)


          Acid resistance(10%/H2SO4.h)


          Resistant to aviation kerosene(h)


          Salt water resistance(10%/NaCL.h)


          Salt spray resistance(h)


          Resistant to running water(h)


          Theoretical spreading rate(m2/kg)


          VOC emissions (mg / L)


          (GB ≤ 200; EU standard ≤ 150)


          Construction guidance

          1, the substrate surface after blasting or blasting treatment, to achieve the surface without oil and oxide, clean and smooth, no water stains.

          2, the product is two-component water-based paint, the construction should be in accordance with the proportion of A group and B group together with a hand drill or other mechanical mixing evenly.

          3, diluted with a clean tap water to spray viscosity, stirring evenly, standing 5-10min to painting.

          4, brush, roller, air spray, airless spray can be.

          5, the product can be a one-time thick Tu, as long as the slow gun, control can not produce the phenomenon of sagging.

          6, dry film thickness to rust-proof grade, whichever is 20μm, 40μm, 80μm, and even> 100μm.

          7, dry and cool place to store, to prevent exposure.

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