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          Waterborne acrylic cloud iron in the paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          1, This product is a new generation of stable self-emulsifying "core - shell" structure of the water - based resin, low oil absorption, low water absorption and high shielding of the sheet anti - rust paint to form three - dimensional structure of the network coating. Multi-layer anti-rust pigments arranged in parallel with the matrix, so that the medium diffusion of the line becomes curved to extend the media penetration diffusion to the matrix of the distance, the film tough, has good adhesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance And sealing performance.

          2, widely used in construction machinery, port facilities, offshore platforms, storage tanks, high corrosion environment, such as metal substrate protection.


          Construction guidance

          1, the product is two-component water-based paint, the construction should be before the A, B group in proportion to the deployment, with a clean tap water diluted to the required viscosity, stirring evenly. It is recommended to add water 10-15%, stir evenly after standing for 30min or so to paint.

          2, the product can be a one-time thick Tu, as long as the slow gun, control does not produce the phenomenon of sagging can be.

          3, dry film thickness to rust-proof grade, whichever is 20μm, 40μm, 80μm, and even> 100μm.

          4, dry and cool place to store, to prevent exposure。

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