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          Waterborne polyurethane anticorrosive finish

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          Product character

          1, water-based polyurethane anti-corrosion topcoat is water as the dispersion medium and thinner eco-friendly low-carbon eco-friendly paint. This product does not contain organic solvents and harmful heavy metals, low VOC emissions, non-irritating taste, no harm to human body, no pollution to the environment, non-flammable non-explosive, construction safety, process broad, simple and convenient.

          2, This product and epoxy anti-rust primer for machinery and equipment used in the surface of the anti-corrosion coating; can also be used as automobile wheels, axles, radiators, shock absorbers and parts of the bottom of one anti-corrosion coating Can also be used in conjunction with other primers, in the paint, do finish.


          Construction guidance

          1, the workpiece blasting or blasting treatment, to achieve the surface clean, no oil. Do not paint until the primer or intermediate coat is dry.

          2, paint the paint before mixing, with a clean tap water transferred to the spray viscosity, the proposed increase in water control in 10 to 15%, open the barrel did not run out of paint to Gai Yan, to prevent water evaporation after varnish thick.

          3, according to the characteristics of water-based paint, it is recommended spray gun from the workpiece distance of 35 ~ 45cm, take gun to slow, pressure gun to close.

          4, the number of coating Road and paint film thickness can be determined according to anti-rust requirements, it is recommended at least painting two, each dry film thickness of 15 ~ 20um, painting interval 30 ~ 60min.

          5, 12h after coating can be packaged.

          6, dry and cool place to store, to prevent exposure.

          Technical support



          Technical indicators

          Appearance (visual)

          Viscous liquid



          Viscosity (Tu 4, S)


          Solid content (%)


          Adhesion (grade)


          Pencil hardness (H)


          Drying time

          Table dry(min)<30

          Hard work(h)  <24




          Impact resistance(kg/cm)


          Salt water resistance(5%Nacl.h)


          Resistance to artificial aging(h)




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