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          Water-based bottom of a metal paint

          Product introduction

          Form :
          Main characteristics :
          Purpose :
          Appearance :

          At present, a large number of used in automotive parts, axles, wheels, radiators, shock absorbers, tanks, tank anti-corrosion coatings are solvent-based coatings. These coatings are flammable and explosive toluene, xylene, solvent oil as a diluent, not only the existence of pollution problems, and the existence of the construction process of security risks. In the protection of ecology, energy saving, environment-friendly development of environment-friendly paint to clean tap water as the diluent of the water-based one-sided metal paint will become anti-corrosion coating technology in the field of a powerful product. Compared with the corresponding solvent-based coatings, a variety of resistance to no less, some aspects (adhesion, abrasion) will be significantly improved. Especially in the energy-saving emission reduction, it is non-toxic, non-irritating taste, non-polluting, non-volatile harmful substances; non-flammable non-explosive, safe and convenient construction, construction workers hand washing and cleaning tools do not use solvent-based diluent, the use of tap water can . Not only to ensure good health, but also saves the thinner, reducing construction costs.

          In order to meet the needs of the current market and the future development of the market, the company developed a water-based self-drying and baking of the two bottom-one metal paint, which has the following characteristics:

          1, the paint surface is dense, hard, resistant to scrub, impact strength 1.

          2, with strong weather resistance, long-term sun and rain, temperature changes, not easy to change color, fade, and can maintain excellent gloss for a long time.

          3, smooth finish, not easy to stick dust, with hydrophobic, easy to clean.

          4, safety and environmental protection, the process of non-flammable non-explosive, and the construction of convenient, saving construction costs.

          These two cars with high-grade water-based bottom of a metal paint is to replace the traditional solvent-based automotive paint an excellent choice.

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